April 30, 2009

these past few weeks have been very busy for us! i'm trying to prepare for finals. today was the last week of actual class, finals begin next week. i have my HR mgmt final on tuesday, my law monograph & final thursday, and an ADPR presentation and geography final on friday. oh wait, and a paper for my mass media class due friday! wish me luck!

this past tuesday was the "business of networking" event sponsored by the magazine. it was hosted at Pacific Home (www.pacific-home.com). the event turned out great! we had close to 200 guests, and over 10 eco-friendly vendors. brandon bartended and made some great money too! hopefully the photos will be up so you can view them all, for now i only have a few. with each event that i help plan, i realize how incredible this opportunity is and how much this really is what i want my career to be. this trial run turned out pretty successful i think. graduation is only 2 semesters away!

we took charlie to the dog park today, and she did so well for her first time! of course she was the cutest dog there :) she was loved by all and is now passed out from her very exciting day.

life is good.

aloha <3

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