May 12, 2009

what a busy week last week was. i had finals all last week, and for the most part I feel pretty optomistic about them. I was really nervous about this paper I had to write for my MASS MEDIA class, the 6-8 page paper was 50% of my grade, so the outcome of this paper greatly affected my grade. But you would be proud to know that I got 150/150 on it! i only missed 11 points in the class over the entire semester, so my final grade in the class was a 96%! yah! go me! i'll attach the paper, if anyone might be interested in reading it :) i'll keep everyone posted on the rest of my grades.. I think i might make 'deans list' this semester (i need a GPA of 3.5 or higher). i'm glad this semester is over, i worked really hard. now i get to enjoy summer!

well, actually, i got to enjoy summer for the weekend. summer school starts for me today :(

this weekend was amazing though. we spent some well deserved relaxation time at the beach, all day saturday and sunday. both at bellows beach. we BBQ'd all day sunday, with some great friends. so much fun. charlie of course had a blast too. i'll be sure to post some pictures too.

ok, well i'm wrapping things up here at work before i head to class!

lots of love!

May 1, 2009

me and my amazing bosses and mentors, Jamie and Naomi Giambrone.